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The advertising business is more complex than ever, with new addressable and advanced ad products, an explosion of new distribution platforms, and programmatic’s growth, all of which are powered by data and technology. These changes make running an advertising business very hard today. At Furious, we believe that yield optimization is a continual process that must occur at all levels; camaign, deal, client and portfolio. PROPHET™ connects the disparate systems and data that power your ad business, and works hand in hand with them, to enable unified yield optimization across all channels, formats, and clients to continually optimize your advertising portfolio.

PROPHET™ is a horizontal SaaS platform, which automates the ingestion and normalization of your data, providing you with highly intuitive reporting and analytics to see inventory, sales and audience across your entire advertising business, in one location. PROPHET™ combines the worlds leading data science with AI and Machine Learning to automate and significantly improve the accuracy of the highly manual processes of forecasting, pricing and planning. PROPHET provides you the tools to plan, price and allocate inventory with the confidence that you continually optimize yield across your entire portfolio. Let us show you PROPHET's ROI and the revenue you are leaving on the table.

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At Furious we take the most advanced state of the art optimization and forecasting algorithms known in the Data Science industry and enhance them using domain specific knowledge of the media space and client specific data, thus creating best of breed adaptive and robust algorithms which present unprecedented accuracy and reliability. We are so confident in our Pricing, Revenue, and Inventory Optimization (PRIO), we offer a 10x ROI guarantee. The business logic that powers PROPHET™ is:

  • Customized
  • Highly accurate
  • Self correcting
  • Uses Machine Learning to continiously improve


Our goal is to provide the comprehensive professional services required to enable the successful deployment of PROPHET™ for our customers, from pre-deployment planning to post-deployment training and support. We use established and tested methodologies to ensure an efficient and successful deployment of a custom configured solution, and then define and deliver the support and training required on an ongoing basis deliver measureable ROI as soon as possible.

  1. Deployment
  2. Training and Support
  3. Advisory and Strategic Consultancy
  4. On-demand/On-call advisory for C-Level executives
  5. Revenue Leakage Analysis
  6. Workflow Analysis
  7. Technology audits
  8. Data and data management strategy for advertising productization
  9. Product and channel strategies
  10. Evaluation of programmatic as a sales channel within a portfolio


Our company was founded in 2013 to give media companies who sell advertising broader and deeper visibility into their advertising business and to provide the tools to optimize sales, operational efficiency and productivity.

Our team has extensive experience in multiple verticals of the advertising and entertainment ecosystem. The team has been carefully assembled to create a “whole-brained” approach for success in cross-channel sales. We have experience in traditional linear ad sales with MTV Ad Sales, Turner Ad Sales and DirecTV. We have built OTT and TVE practices while at Digitas and Omnicom for top tier broadcasters and technology partners. We are intimately familiar with the programmatic space of today and tomorrow with time at Adapt.TV and Vizu. We have worked with large amount of data around customers, content and finances at Matrix Solutions, Edge Technology and Tribune Media Services. Our data science team consists of former IBM and Israeli Intelligence Special Forces members.

We turn our customers’ advertising data into insights, insights into action and action into revenue.

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