100% Visibility.

Our technology provides an accurate view of all your inventory – both linear and digital – in a single, user-friendly interface.  

Leverage all your data

Our platform unifies data from across disparate partner sources, standardizes it, and makes it immediately actionable – for planning, forecasting, reporting, and yield management.

Real Intelligence

View avails, sell-through rates, recommended pricing and performance by channel or client, empowering your teams to make the smartest choice in every situation.  

Streamlined workflow

Our platform saves time by automating the grunt work involved in the sales and planning process, so you can focus on strategy and growing your business.

 Complete control

Our technology sits on top of your existing systems so you can manage your media business from a single dashboard. Our technology integrates with Google, MediaOcean, Gracenote, Adobe, Kaltura, comScore, Nielsen, and InVision – to name a few.

No black boxes

We work directly with our partners to develop the rules and preferences that drive planning and forecasting decisions within your business.   

Together is better

There are countless systems and tools involved in today’s linear and digital planning, forecasting, optimization and measurement process.  The trouble is, they don’t talk to each other. Furious connects your existing systems and data in a single user-friendly platform, simplifying your sales process and enabling better overall monetization.