Is excel what connects your systems and teams to run your advertising sales, planning and operations?


How is that working out for you?





PROPHET is a business-planning platform that happens to be in the business of advertising and is poised to become your BFF. Furious Corp’s PROPHET platform sits atop your current advertising infrastructure and first party systems to aggregate and normalize data, identify actionable opportunities to increase revenue, automate workflows, and streamline communications within the organization.  We don’t displace anyone, and we are independent. We are the Switzerland in this dog eat dog world of media and advertising technology. It's time to start running your ad business like a portfolio, not a campaign. 


As easy as an app.

Powerful enough for your enterprise.

PROPHET™ ingests data from across an enterprise’s myriad of advertising systems. PROPHET™ normalizes the data & TRANSFORM’s it into highly intuitive dashboards. The rapid migration of audiences to digital platforms has left premium video publishers with the challenge of ensuring they have the tools, technology and data required to monetize these platforms through advertising. The proliferation of vertical technology stacks and data sets to enable monetization of these new platforms has resulted a lack of unified data, measurement and reporting. To survive, video advertising inventory must be managed as a portfolio, enabling publishers to take a video neutral/platform agnostic position with buyers.

The sell side of a market is usually the last to be equipped with the tools necessary to combat radical disruption. 



The revolution will be televised...