·      Publishers should be able to manage and measure their inventory across screens and channels with ease.

·      Publishers should have 100% visibility into their inventory and business performance.

·      Today’s media planning and sales process is overly time-consuming and complicated – and existing tools don’t set publishers and broadcasters up to succeed and grow.

·      The future of media planning will occur at the business and portfolio level – not just on a campaign by campaign basis. 


Ashley J. Swartz
CEO and Founder

Furious Corp., founded by former CEO of Furious Minds LLC, Ashley J. Swartz, is an expert in the business models and platforms of TV tomorrow and online video advertising, with a background in finance and an MBA. Ashley is a serial entrepreneur and expert on how to scale, sell and deploy new and emerging media channels, having previously done so in mobile and In-Game Advertising. Swartz’s passion for technology, advertising and media are a reflection of the cloth from which she is cut. Her career has included manufacturing of components, electronics, entrepreneurial start-ups, and running a media practice, all coupled with over 10 years living and working in Europe, Asia and Central America. With a background in finance, she has landed in digital advertising due to her love of technology and ability to navigate and scale new channels to market. She most recently led the iTV practice at Digitas New York and the Global Samsung.com business.

She lives in NYC and practices what she preaches; in her living room is an HDMI hub, connected to 5 OTT devices and her Samsung Smart TV.


Hillel Rom, PHD
CO-Founder & CTO 

An experienced entrepreneur and expert in online advertising technology, Hillel brings to Furious Corp. his vast experience leading development of innovative products in companies like NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, Nintendo/Nichimen Graphics, 3dME, and Double Fusion, a dynamic in-game advertising network, which he founded. He has a PhD in Computer Science from USC and is the inventor of 10 patents.  


JT White
VP of Product

JT is a seasoned digital media professional with a proven track record in developing new business and people. Working both in ad sales and for creative agencies, JT has a unique perspective, allowing him to communicate across disciplines and drive to a singular vision. He has worked with some of the worlds largest brand advertisers and the worlds best content creators. 
In the past 7 years he has worked for companies focused on full service solutions in Advertising, Data and Mobile development. In all roles, JT leveraged state of the art technology to deliver elegant, simplified solutions for clients of all sizes.


Jennifer Klein
Sr. CLient Engagement Manager

Jennifer Klein is an experienced media and entrepreneurial professional with a diverse background in data analytics, online advertising, and television. Previously, Jennifer worked at Adap.tv (an online video platform acquired by AOL) and Vizu (a brand data analytics platform acquired by Nielsen) in sales and client management positions. She is also extremely passionate about data and technology.